These guys succ

Well, not all of them, but today I want to talk about my wonderful Cacti and Succulents! 321Remember this one? Its Crassula Ovata, this one is variegated if you notice on the left. The leaves that are white lack the pigment chlorophyll, because the tree is half and half, this leads me to believe it was not inherited by the parents but mutated on its own. I’m going to remove these parts because I don’t like them and YOU cant stop me.


Ok, so its easy to trim this, the trick is to cut just above the node. Ive heard a lot of horror stories about die back with these but i have yet to experience it. Another hot tip commin’ at cha fast is to let it dry out a bit before you work on it.


That’s it today, lets look at some other cool stuff.


I’m trying out a new art style called Penjing, it means “Tray Landscape” and because i live in Reno Nv, I decided to mimic a desert landscape, perfect for the succulent post! Here we have two different types of “Hen and chick” succulents. If you are a real cool guy you’ll start calling it Sempervivum. Go ahead and say it out loud, SEMPERVIVUM! Sounds like a Slytherin password from Harry Potter, but what would a muggle like you know about that, huh?



The paper spine cactus “Tephrocactus articulatus var. papyracanthus” (say that three times fast) is another little gem. It seemingly wont hurt ya because its spines are “soft” but there is a hidden danger. Its got special types of spikes that grow directly underneath the paper ones called glochids. They are tiny almost transluscent spikes that rub off for seemingly no reason. So if you are a milk skinned fellow like me they are the same color as body hair. It makes for a bad day, and all members of the family Opportunity have them so watch out! The “Paper spine” cactus is a misleading bastard, but hes my misleading bastard.


Astrophytum myriostigma, the Mexican star cactus. Haters will say its photoshop


Ok, so here i got a Gasteria called “Little Warty”, a Haworthia “zebra stripe” and a hybrid between the two in the middle (maybe even an aloe hybrid) the flowers still resemble a Gasteria however, and that of course was given its name due to the fact the flowers resemble tiny Human tummies!


Alright, now we are approaching the end of the post. The top left is Euphorbia obesa and the right is Euphorbia polygona, but ignore the second, its all about that obesa right now. They are sexually dimorphic so that means the plants are only ever male or female and never inbetween. Something rather rare in the plant world. After about two years i decided to go out and get another. I successfully got a male and female and inseminated her with the pollen using a paintbrush. Look at this!IMG_0899Take a gander, a little lookie loo. That’s me pulling off being a obesa plant papa! Now the mother will start to push water into the seed pod where it will swell more and more until one day it will explode and send exactly three seeds flying a few feet in every direction. pretty cool huh?IMG_0901

Here is an image of the male, I had to use a handlense to inspect the difference and once i knew for sure i nearly did a backflip.


It was great to get another post out, expect more soon ladies and gentleman!


Author: garesgarden

ISA Certified Arborist, Amateur Botanist, and future Agricultural Engineer.

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