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A little Privet action!

These guys succ

My Orchids

Lets Get a Little Funky With a Ficus

A Desert Rose

Gasteria Problems

I’m Haunted, True misery in the Paph Culture

Flower Power & the Orchid Exhibition

Poetry To Turn Your Leaves Green

Mesembrianthemum and Friends

A happy obesa family, eh?

Mahonia aquafolium bonsai?

Alder Leaf Mahogany

I’m All About Them Junipers

ISA Certified

70 Tree Removals

Trying to Understand Angiosperms

Plant Hormones and Stimuli in a Stationary life (Part 1)

Ficus retusa V2 (Electric Boogaloo)

January Botanical Term: Riparian

Plant Thief’s, Poems, and Purgatory

February Botanical Definition: Abscission

Monthly Botanical Term: Glycophytes and holophytes

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