Memes to brighten them leaves

This is a post where i share all the memes related to plants that some people probably don’t get. These are the Goldie’s but be warned, some may be NSFW.

Let’s just let it all burn and see what happens

I started a war in one of my Facebook groups with this one. I want to make a post about “Plant Consciousness” sometime soon.

Its not really a joke though, Isoetes are really cool. It’s not a grass, even though it looks like one, but the weirder part is though is that its not even a flowering plant!? It has spores like a fern, and there should be a ton of fossils of them because they are mostly aquatic! We actually don’t know what the hell it is. I know I think they’re neat, and someone else out there must think so too!

When I get there I’ll have a legitimate garden of Eden.

This next one I feel like needs some context, so here is the nightmare reality that is a ferns lifecycle.

That one is also not really a joke, Ive neglected the heck out of my snake plants before, and they didn’t care. I’m talkin’ deep shade and no water for about 16 months. No problem.

That’s a shot of my new puppy in full sprint away from his big friend. (Pup’s name is Buster Brown)

I know its a long shot, but can someone send me a fimbleCLIMB adjustable friction saver? No begging, call it a tree donation.

My origin story

I only made a few of these, but a bunch have watermarks, so I guess if they care enough they can tell me to take their joke off. It’s all in good fun though.