A little Privet action!

So I got this Cheyenne Privet (Ligustrum Vulgare) in 2012 and the poor thing wasn’t in the best of conditions.404

It was hiding in the back of the discount isle in the same pot for years, the roots were overgrown and you can see how leggy it is, trying to reach the light.


The first step was for me to prune it back. I needed to see what kind of trunk I was working with…


Maybe now you can see why I chose this little plant. The age and neglect has forced it into some unusual growing patterns, The privet likes to grow straight up and then send out side branches to resemble a bush.

I’m really gonna do a hack-job on the little fella.

Usually I like to use wire but after the stress of cutting off about half the roots and about 60% off the top I think its best to leave it. The Cheyenne privet is notoriously hard to wire. Even if i leave it on for an entire year and let it cut deep into the branch it will simply bounce back to the original spot.


Ill use the cut and grow technique instead. I cut the growing tips down to the nodes i want the new branch to sprout out of.IMG_0799

Usually id cut it lower, but this is so I can show you guys. When you snip off the growing tip, you cut off the supply of a hormone called Auxin. Auxin tells the branches under it that its the leader and that they need to grow sideways. without that instruction, the dormant buds that lie under each node are awakened and they will sprout to compete with the other branches to become the new “leader”. We call this process ramification.


Nice roots huh? Too bad some Jagaloon left the tag on and hurt that bark!


Look at that! It breaks my heart but it will recover in time. Also, I need to remove this branch. Its ugly.


Alright, after a few months, it grows back and i repeat the process. Now in 2017 it looks like this!


Boom goes the dynamite! Hope you guys enjoyed the post, let me know what you think, thanks!!


Author: garesgarden

ISA Certified Arborist, Amateur Botanist, and future Agricultural Engineer.

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