Hello new readers, my name is Gary and this is my blog where i can let out all my plant related dramas. Hopefully if you are here it means you are into the same kinds of things. Lets start!


This is the plant nursery I’ve worked at for a few years now. Its called the Truckee River Rock and Nursery Co. A fantastic little place that is family run, its actually Reno Nevada’s oldest Nursery, should be a state landmark I think, I’m biased though. The problem is that I also go to School during the off seasons to (hopefully) someday become a certified Arborist. (A tree Dr. in layman’s talk. I prefer Tree Wizard.)


This blog will mostly consist of the art of Bonsai, Succulent and cacti species and my beautiful orchids. My other houseplants will be featured here and there, thats my Staghorn fern by the way (Platycerium) above, and there will be droves of bad jokes.


Golden Coats Juniper Pre-Bonsai (Juniperus x Medina ‘Gold Coast’


An older picture of my Jade plant (Crassula Ovata) Ive had this tree now for a few years, look for a later post to see what it looks like now!


Here is the spot where i put aside Trees and shrubs that i believe will make suitable Bonsai specimens

Anyways, Ill see you guys again soon. Hope you enjoyed the intro.