For Sale!

Sorry my fellow plant people, only local pick up for now.

That’s right, gang! Bonsai and more from my private collection!

Gasteria ‘little warty’ clones
Little Warty clones 10$
Coleus blumei seeds, seedlings or adults

20 seeds 5$

5 Seedlings 8$

1 adult (5-15″) 15$

Centaurea cyanus
Centaurea cyanus seeds: 50 seeds 15$
Dendrobium trigonopus x self (Extremely fragrant perfume smell, award winner) 50$ per cane
Euphorbia obesa
10 seeds 5$/ seedlings: 1yr 10$/ 2yr 20$/ 3Yr 35$/ 10yr+ Adults 90-150$

Blue chip juniper
Blue chip juniper, top view
35 year old Juniper Tree Bonsai, 4’X3′ impressive outdoor specimen 300$ firm
Small sagebrush (Artemisia arbuscula) 1 Gallon Pot 30$
Small sagebrush (Artemisia arbuscula) 3.5 Gallon Pot 50$
(Unpictured) Dendrobium spectabile 65$ Per Cane (Very Rare and Unique Collectors Orchid)

Concave Cutter 25$

Don’t worry, If I ain’t got what you want or if you have something specific in mind, go ahead and contact me and I’ll be happy to help. Thanks for shopping!