Poetry & Art in Celebration of all things Green

Photography can be art, right? I love this picture.

From whence I came:

A small seed, A little grain, It starts my life, struggle.

It stars my fie, my pain.

Ashes gone, lifetimes gained

Life starts in soil, in rain.

Love unconditional, despite what remains.

Warmth, Water, whats this little tree need?

Why bother?

Lumber, like sheep, are sent to the slaughter.

Just take the top off:

Just take the top off,

Hey, Cant really block the view?

Just take the top off

Just snip it quick, who knew?

just take the top off.

But we got shade here, be clear!

just take the top off

What about the tree?

just take the top off

If we kill this many, what about me?

just take the top off.

It looks gross, but I’ve been waiting for this damn thing to flower for 9 years, and its finally going to for the first time. That can be art, ya?

The Ferny Things in Life:

Fronds fronds, mysteries of the ferns

gone, gone? Lets see some spores on that kitchen floor

Pour some water on the ground,

You think the prothallus will be found?

You’ll see these words a lot

You think its all for clout? I love these ferns, that’s no lie

I’ll love these ferns until they die.

Even then, I’ll love them still

Ill put the fronds into a pile, let em build a little while and switch that peat into a pot.

I’ll grow another ferny lot.

100% fight me if you don’t not think this photo aint no not art.

(Insert artistic art (Can the absence of art also be art?))

Little bastards like this guy are also a friggin’ work of art. The way they can effortlessly destroy the things that you love are straight out of a horror romance novel. Not to keep hammering a point or anything, but can the destructive lives of these snails be art??

I miss that big ol’ potato sack

Hippy Hoppity, Like Em’ A Lottitty:

It’s good when it’s green,

It’s good when I hit the lottery

I’m loving these trees, Don’t care about the property

If its a yes, I’ll skippity skoppety

You better bet, when I walk down the side walk, I sigh, day or night, when I see all those trees topped.

Brash, brazen, I know what I’m sayin’

It grows in full sun!

Why are these fellows player hating?

I, Regrets:

I regret how alone I was before I met you

I regret not meeting you ten years ago, before

I regret not asking right away

I regret the way it needs to stay

I regret the ones I used to grow

I regret the seeds you’ve had to sow

I regret not having you here now, I hate these dirty hands

I regret the way i ruthlessly pulled it up root and stem

I hate budblast, It’s a selfish scam

I hate the things grown by men, I regret that lifeless land

This next poem is made out of pure rage, Some scumbag stole my cactus (Pictured above) off my porch in 2019.
Absolute TRASH.

-Little Green Love-

Took a little life from me and I want it back

I put a lotta love in and you took her just like that

I wanna see those flowers pink, greens, white, black

I’ve seen what cha need but I need em’ back

It had a lot of little needles and a lot of pep

When I find out who ya are then you wont forget

Give me a few minutes and you too can have a poorly sketched Clematis, all you have to do is listen to me talk about clematis while I sketch it.


This is all about the photo above;


This bastard is glaucous and globulus

The pubescent trichomes aint’ nothin’ to fuck with

Those red leaf tips? Anthocyanin?

That’s some wacky photosynthesis

Just what kind of WACCA succulent is this?

When I see em’ on the floor I show nothin’ but shade

Where the heck are these little things made?


Author: garesgarden

ISA Certified Arborist, Amateur Botanist, and future Agricultural Engineer.

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