Ladies and gentlemen, my masterpiece, my Magnum Opus, is finally finished and is about to go into public review. I’m posting a link to the newly proposed ordinance to protect the trees in the City of Reno Nv. The great folks and I down at the UFC worked very hard on this. (That’s right, you are reading the blog of an elected official! I’m our City’s newest Commissioner for the Urban Forestry Commission) So don’t be afraid to call in on some of these meetings and let them know that you GIVE THEM YOUR FULL UNYIELDING SUPPORT!!!!1!

I’ve spent the better part of the last ten years doing tree installations, tree sales and Arborist work, in the Reno/Sparks area. I have so much personal investment in this project and I really believe this new proposal will not only protect the current trees growing here, but will also save future trees from unnecessary removals. Gang, We can chill out under the shady trees while we all count the money we’ve saved by doing the right thing. HELP ME SAVE THESE TREES!


Author: garesgarden

ISA Certified Arborist, Amateur Botanist, and future Agricultural Engineer.

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