Poetry To Turn Your Leaves Green


Livin’ stones:

Mesembrianthemum, I’m killin em

Givin’ em that water, dumb, they’ll drown

*Ahem, don’t get down, its found if you just clown around, it’s only time (Just a matter of) until you’re sound in mind to make that platter of succulent succulents a non disaster, you gotta be faster, you gotta gotta be the master, push on past it, you know you asked for it, so take a stab at it, you’ll be an addict, in a matter of fact it’ll be a bit better if you double down, get well draining soil, go to town, get a pot with a mean gargoyle, so when its seen, boyo, you can tell the non believers to go and get that tin foil.

Cause those flowers are out of this world,

Mesembrianthemum caudex be lookin’ like burls

My collection-a-attracting-a all of these girls

If you don’t got them stones get up out of my world

Lemme talk about those windows real quick, photosynthesizing chloroplasts are living inside it, they thrive on the lack of care, you cant deny it, but you better be aware they take some moisture from the air, and even though it looks real slow I swear there is lots of energy to supply him, or her, its really quite absurd because the monoecious sexes make the flowers kick it like the Kaiser, pretty much means that everything is easy for em’

Thats how you grow the mesembrianthemum



Memory Trees:

It’s hard for me to its express it now

Oh, those who will fight but can not listen

To the tall Pines and unfamiliar Manzanita;

I think back to the times when I was a boy

Climbing around those dusty boulders and seeking refuge in that shrubbery

Moving around cliffs that wind relentlessly through deep mountain valleys like artery veins

And then Danger

A cackle from the forest and the purification of that earth

In the form of flames that were made on absentminded decision making

They again fill my senses with that odor

Easily distinguishable by men

That air moved to the forest where thereby a miracle is witnessed

And we men were the poorest of them all for none of us saw it

Our emotion dulled with these moments, unease

Now its remembered only by trees



An upsetting Snail:

Dark soil, slight motion

This little snail causes quite the commotion

Hydrogen peroxide baths, a soil change

My little Paphiopedilum  is hard to maintain

I’ll take a chance, poison maybe?

Why does this bother me so much lately?

I might have to admit, its time to go

I’ll have to learn how to say goodbye to the ones I know




Author: garesgarden

ISA Certified Arborist, Amateur Botanist, and future Agricultural Engineer.

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